Fire pump should pay attention to what issues before st…

Fire-fighting pumps are a kind of professional fire-fighting tools. They have a vital role in our lives and are related to the safety of many people. Almost all office corners or communities in the city can see their presence. Many people think that fire tools should be professionals, but in many e ...more

Traction molecular pump advantages and disadvantages

Traction molecular pump is a kind of pump chamber contains a free-wheeling rotor, and the rotor with grooves around the same time separated by a baffle device. Each groove is equivalent to a single-stage molecular pump, the inlet of the next stage is connected with the outlet of the previous stage. ...more

BHP Billiton calls for a global carbon price agreement

British Financial Times reported on November 14 that BHP Billiton (BHP), the world's largest mining company, urged world leaders to work hard to reach an agreement to establish international carbon prices and warned that unilateral actions will lead to trade barriers in the future. Th ...more

Development of Hydrogen Bubble Formation in Plasma-faci…

Recently, scientists from the Institute of Solid State Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Solid State Physics, Hefei Institute of Materials Science, and Institute of Plasma Physics, Hefei Institute, and researchers from the University of Scien ...more

Nantong Building Materials Network's ceramic sheet …

You know, Nantong Building Material sales in the best environmentally friendly materials is what it? Take a look with Xiaobian today! As a new type of environmentally friendly building materials, ceramic sheets have received wide attention from the industry since their introdu ...more

Marble tile purchase identification method

Natural marble is a non-renewable decoration material, and the modern technology of marble tiles can not only ensure the natural stone texture effect of the ceramic tile, but also overcome the disadvantages of natural marble in terms of hardness, wear resistance and price, so it is favored by ...more

Within a few days, the NDRC approved a total of over 20…

Abstract The process of approving railway projects by the National Development and Reform Commission has been significantly accelerated. On October 18, the National Development and Reform Commission approved the Dali-Ruili Railway, Liaoning Jinzhou Port to Inner Mongolia Baiyinhua Railway, an ...more