Director of Shanghai Banking Regulatory Bureau: Rationa…

In the face of the Shanghai steel trade credit risk incident, under the guidance of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Shanghai Banking Regulatory Bureau, collective decision-making, objective judgment, early warning, flexible disposal, to prevent the continuous spre ...more

Frank bathroom investment to start

Franke Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is located in Foshan, a famous cultural city with a long history. Since its establishment in 2006, it has been adhering to the philosophy of “building the first professional brand of Chinese classical bathroom cabinets”, focusing on the production and ...more

Wall space uses 12 wall storage racks to save space for…

Home space storage is a difficult problem that every family has to deal with. The clutter of small things at home always haunts you. Choose a space storage rack for your home, so that small things have nowhere to escape. Today, Xiaobian on this site has recommended 12 super space storage racks for ...more

Regulator valve common fault solution

1, jam blocking valve often appears the problem is stuck, often appear in the new commissioning system and major repair and commissioning of the initial period, due to the welding slag, rust, etc. in the pipeline caused by the throttling mouth, leading to blocked media flow, Or over-tighte ...more

Auto market anti-monopoly investigation will land a num…

Abstract Law enforcement agencies really want to "handle" the suspected monopolistic behavior in the auto market. The "Economic Information Daily" reporter learned from a number of auto companies, industry associations and distributors that the heads of many well-known car ...more

Easy to buy massage chairs What you need to know about …

The pace of work and life of modern people is relatively fast, and people are also prone to fatigue. Therefore, it is very necessary to have a massage chair to help reduce physical fatigue and make proper relaxation when taking a rest. Well, it is very important to buy a good massage chair. How to ...more

Summarize the malfunction of electric hoist

Hoisting electric hoists are widely used in loading and unloading sites: docks, workshops, and factories. With the continuous expansion of the application of hoist electric hoist, the simultaneous occurrence of failures has also increased. Lifting electric hoist fault increases, this will not only a ...more