16 kinds of household items are toxic and used with caution!

1. Air fresheners mostly contain phenol, which can cause breathing difficulties and headaches when inhaled, and irritate the eyes. It can also cause peeling and trigger measles.

[Alternative] Use natural methods to clean the air, such as planting potted plants, or placing grapefruit peels.

2. Most bleaches contain a chemical called sodium hypochlorite that can cause damage to the lungs and hair. Bleaching and ammonia products (often used as household cleaners) are particularly dangerous to use at the same time because they chemically react to release chlorine.

[Alternative] For some stains that are difficult to wash, you can wipe them repeatedly with lemon.

3. Artificial carpets mostly contain unstable organic compounds, and long-term exposure may cause allergic diseases.

[Alternative] Buy carpets made from natural fibers such as wool and cotton.

4. Dishwashing liquid and washing powder contain sodium carbonate and phosphate, which are all likely to cause allergic reactions.

[Alternative] Use a phosphate-free product.

5. Many electrical appliances, such as televisions, computers, and electric blankets, usually contain bromine-resistant agents that are released into the air and may be inhaled by the body and are not easily excreted.

[Alternative] Replace the electric blanket with a hot water bottle and move the appliance out of the bedroom.

6. The cleaning powder for cleaning the glass window contains special ammonia gas, which will irritate and corrode the skin, causing discomfort to the eyes and lungs. Long-term exposure to ammonia can also cause liver damage.

[Alternative] Use two tablespoons of vinegar, add 1 liter of hot water, then wet the cloth and wipe the glass.

7. Hair dye can be absorbed into the body through the scalp.

[Alternative] Do not dye hair.

8. Nickel-containing jewelry and jewelry may cause contact dermatitis.

[Alternative] Wear jewelry made of gold or platinum as much as possible.

9. Toilet cleaners usually contain naphthalene, which irritates the skin, eyes and respiratory tract. After a large amount of inhalation, the human liver and kidneys are damaged.

[Alternative] Pour 250 ml of white vinegar into the urinal and brush again the next day.

10. Nail polish cleaners usually contain acetone solvents, which can cause headaches and confusion after prolonged use.

[Alternative] Do not apply nail polish.

11. Plastic toys may contain phthalates, which can cause genital malformations during prolonged contact.

[Alternative] Use wooden toys.

12. Shoe polish contains nitrobenzene, which has central nervous system toxicity and can cause headache and lethargy.

[Alternative] Use olive oil to rub the olive oil, add a few drops of lemon juice, apply it on the shoes, and wipe it off after a few minutes.

13. Cosmetics usually contain some toxic chemicals.

[Alternative] Look for environmentally friendly signs on the packaging to clarify their ingredients.

14. Hand sanitizer contains a chemical called a surfactant that can cause dry and rough skin.

[Alternative] The use of organic products.

15. Chemical fiber sheets may contain formaldehyde, which irritates the skin and respiratory tract.

[Alternative] Try to use pure cotton sheets.

16. Anti-dandruff shampoo usually contains anti-fungal ingredients, or may cause skin sensitivity.

[Alternative] Try to massage the hair with olive oil for 10 minutes. Wang Zhuyu

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