Hangzhou large-scale home market less than one year closed merchants want to claim

Yesterday, a website received a telephone complaint. A store operator said that he was “fudged” by the store. A year ago, the store vowed to express a certain profit. It could temporarily suspend business for less than one year, and hoped that the store would lose its own money. Give compensation.
The merchants in the closed store are not willing to disclose their names. He said that the news that the store was going to be closed was only known a few days ago. The products in large quantities of stocks did not have time to be processed at a low price. The return loss of the previous customers was not compensated, and they had already faced bankruptcy. .
According to the merchant, in late June of this year, the store sent a survey to the business owner in the name of the survey, the main purpose is to understand whether the merchant has the intention to renew and change the brand. "In this store for almost a year, the business is really bad, and the loss is even monthly. At the time of the investigation, two-thirds of the merchants maintained a wait-and-see attitude."
Unexpectedly, the wait-and-see attitude of merchants has become a favorable saying that the store is closed. After half a month, the store noticed that the merchants were caught off guard without any prior warning. "On July 25, 2010, I rented a facade to settle in this store. The monthly rent, market operation fee, and labor cost will be about 40,000 yuan. I will lose money every month for one year, and I can pay 58,000 when I sign the contract. The deposit of the yuan, the cost of decoration and purchase of the store has invested more than 700,000, and we have not withdrawn before the contract expires."
The hundreds of thousands of costs are financed by business households and loans. Except for a small number of manufacturers directly operating brands and imported brands, most merchants face a crisis of bankruptcy.
From the contract point of view, the one-year contract between the store and the merchant expired on July 24 this year. The store knew that the business situation was bleak. It used the merchant survey in late June as an excuse to persuade the merchants in the name of “considering for the merchants”, but in fact found an excuse for withdrawing from the Hangzhou market. As the merchants said: "If I knew that this store could only be opened for one year a year ago, I would not be stationed. The store rushed us in, and there was no sign of retreating us. This is in line with the contract but not reasonable. Inhuman practices!"
In the store, many business owners believe that the store should compensate for the loss of its own decoration, and assume the responsibility of returning customers and other hidden losses, and release the news through the media to get time for the merchants to process samples and inventory. And benefits.
As of press time, the store did not propose corresponding compensation measures to the business operators. The business editor who is carrying the sample is:
A year ago, this foreign home store was stationed in Hangzhou with high-profile status due to its local advantages. However, although the cakes in Hangzhou Home Furnishings are large, there are many people who divide the cakes. It has not been one year, and the store will not be able to lose the reshuffle. But in any case, the main support of the store is the brand, which is the business owner. How can the relationship between the fish and water coexisting on both sides have no prior consensus on the major issues such as the suspension of business, and the seller side decides decisively?
In the difficult period of home shopping, I don’t know if other stores in Hangzhou are also “dark tides”. However, we hope that shuffling is a benign cycle of adjustment, so that those who have been eager to follow the store to get reasonable comfort, is also a strong pillar of store reputation and long-term survival.

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