Kitchen integrated ceiling how to clean

There are many fumes produced by cooking methods in China, and it is difficult to ensure that there is no smoke in the kitchen. Integrated ceiling looks beautiful, a long time a lot of oil attached to how to clean it? Many netizens who install kitchen ceilings and users who are about to install kitchen integrated ceilings are concerned about this issue. This article Xiao Bian will help you solve the problem of how to clean the kitchen integrated ceiling oil.

Under normal circumstances, the ceiling plate of the kitchen integrated ceiling will choose more roller coating, there are a few with drawing, it is a better process among the roller coating, most people in order to save money with a foil, the former Since it is in the kitchen, there will be oil, then use a small amount of detergent, but there must be sufficient water to be mixed in, use a softer, more absorbent cloth to dip after the water to scrub, It doesn't matter if you can use the force in the middle, but when you are on the perimeter, you should use light force.

What needs to be emphasized here is that when cleaning, do not use hard cloths, cleansing balls, or the like. A scrub will immediately leave many small strands on the bright panel, which will damage the gussets. This is a good time for roller coating. If it is a film, it is not very good. Another point is that if you are using a cheaper, thicker plate, be careful, because it has a lot of iron inside, not the aluminum-magnesium alloy gussets. Now. When scrubbing with a water-saturated towel for the first time, wipe it with clean water for a second time. Open the window and let it dry naturally. If the ventilation is not good, then use a good quality wipe paper once. .

In fact, the kitchen integrated ceiling cleaning is still very simple, with the above approach, you must know how to clean the kitchen integrated ceiling it!

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