Marble tile purchase identification method

Natural marble is a non-renewable decoration material, and the modern technology of marble tiles can not only ensure the natural stone texture effect of the ceramic tile, but also overcome the disadvantages of natural marble in terms of hardness, wear resistance and price, so it is favored by many people. . So how to choose high-quality marble tiles? You can refer to the following several shopping points.

First, according to style and budget selection

At present, there are many marble tile products on the market. In the face of a wide variety of products, the suggestion industry mainly combines the style requirements of the home decoration and the actual budget, and chooses the most suitable, without having to pay for the conceptual gimmicks of the merchants.

Second, quality product identification method

1, look at the product texture

The good marble tiles are transparent and layered. They touch the surface of the product and feel smooth and smooth. As the baby's skin is as delicate and embossed, every marble tile will have the texture and tactile effect like natural stone. This is also the marble tile light. The reason for not slipping.

2, see the color of the product

At present, most enterprises are limited to gray-yellow tiles due to technical limitations. The texture of the fine marble tile products is natural and has no bluntness.

3, see the product texture

Superior marble tiles are almost as difficult to distinguish as natural marble, and the texture is smooth and over-natural. When purchasing marble tiles, you can carefully check the texture of the product to see if the texture is natural and beautiful.

4, see the paving effect

When purchasing marble tiles, consider the continuity and integrity of large-area paving. The color and pattern of marble tiles are the restoration of natural stone, but the integrity of natural marble is not available in ceramic tiles, because the texture of each piece of natural marble is different, so different paving will have effects, so good The marble tiles, not only the single piece of the product is better, but also have to change, so that the overall paving effect will have a sense of unity, no duplication. [Follow the WeChat public number " Jiuzheng Ceramics Network" ; pay attention to courtesy, scan code to send millions of business opportunities! Jiuzheng ceramics network exchange group: 80123558 】

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