Plastic steel doors and windows into a new favorite three-six nine, etc.

Observing the old houses on the street, I found that many people still use ordinary old-fashioned windows. They endure the noisy and noisy noises of the day and night. At this time, choosing the doors and windows with good sound insulation is the primary problem. At present, plastic steel doors and windows on the market have become the new favorite, and it is the type of doors and windows that many decoration owners prefer. The reason is that their performance is outstanding, and the sound insulation is higher than traditional doors and windows.

Good doors and windows reduce noise interference

Through the era of wooden windows, steel windows and aluminum alloy windows, plastic steel doors and windows have become the fourth generation of new doors and windows. According to Huang Ping, a sales manager of a plastic steel door and window store, plastic steel doors and windows not only have the characteristics of plastic products, but also have greatly improved anti-aging ability, and the decoration can be compared with aluminum alloy windows, and has the characteristics of heat preservation and heat insulation. In addition, since the plastic steel window uses flame retardant material, it also has better fireproof performance. At the same time, its internal structure is a closed multi-cavity hollow structure, which can effectively reduce noise interference with the use of insulating glass, and the gap between plastic steel doors and windows. Soft PVC sealing strips are installed everywhere. When closed, it is airtight and airtight.

Three, six, nine, etc.

Recently, reporters have found in the market that there are many brands of plastic steel doors and windows, and there are also different grades, such as three or six. For example, the price of general inferior plastic steel doors and windows is about 100 yuan per square meter cheaper than the regular brand, but its defects are also obvious, mainly in two aspects: First, the auxiliary materials such as beading and sealing are not matched with the main profile, and the appearance is rough. The sealing performance is poor; the second is that the hardware accessories can not meet the standard. For example, the plastic steel window with a thickness of 1.5 mm should be installed only with a steel lining with a thickness of 0.8 mm, or even a steel lining. In this way, the service life of doors and windows is greatly shortened.

Price selection is moderate

According to the reporter's understanding of the building materials store supermarket, the quality of steel doors and windows is more than 500 yuan per square meter. The sales staff said that such plastic steel doors and windows have high-quality materials and crafts, so that a set of 100 square meters of house doors and windows can be reconstructed. More than 10,000; and the average price of plastic steel doors and windows per square meter is between 250 yuan and 400 yuan, which is currently more market sales. And in some roadside shops, the cheap is only about 120 yuan a square meter. Manager Huang suggested that consumers choose more than 150 yuan per square meter, so the quality will be more secure.

Good surface cleansing

The decisive factor in the quality and grade of plastic steel doors and windows is the UPVC profiles used. Some people in the industry here remind consumers that good profiles should be rationally designed multi-cavity. The formula contains anti-aging and anti-UV additives. From the outside, it should be smooth surface, white in color, and so on. In the outdoor wind and sun, it will not age, discolor or deform in 30 or 50 years; while the color is pure white or the yellow in the white is relatively small. This color has poor sun protection ability and will become more and more after a few years of use. Yellow until aging, deformation, brittle fracture, the reason is that the profile formula contains too much calcium.

Quality checkup hardware

In addition to the color identification of the profiles, the industry's emphasis on distinguishing the quality of plastic steel doors and windows is another point for hardware.

1. Check whether the hardware is flexible and smooth. The finish of the painted hardware depends on whether the surface finish and the brand logo are clear. The stainless steel hardware can be tested with a magnet. If it feels magnetic, the hardware may be in the short term. Rusty

2. Carefully check whether the screws used to assemble the hardware are stainless steel or galvanized. The regular manufacturer's assembly hardware generally requires stainless steel screws, because the galvanized screws will rust easily after a long time;

3. You can use the portable method to feel the weight of plastic steel doors and windows. The same size window is very different from the small workshop in the formal market, mainly because the thickness of the steel lining installed in the inner cavity of the profile is not the same, some small workshops Not even steel lining. [ Follow the WeChat public account "Jiuzhengmen Window Network"; pay attention to courtesy, scan code to send millions of business opportunities! Jiuzhengmen window network exchange group ]

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