Principles for purchasing lamps

In the night, the role of the lamp is self-evident, and as a fitting for the lamp, the lighting is also very important, and different lighting can make the lamp show different effects. Therefore, the choice of lighting is very important. Follow these guidelines when purchasing:

(1) Safety principles. Be sure to choose the lamps produced by regular manufacturers. Regular products are marked with total load. Depending on the total load, it is possible to determine how many wattages to use, especially for multi-head chandeliers, ie: number of heads × watts per bulb = total load. In addition, like a damp bathroom, the kitchen should be waterproof. (B), the principle of simplicity. Lighting can play a finishing touch in the room. Overly complex shapes and overly complicated colors are not suitable for placement in a room with a clean design.

(3) The principle of convenience. Most people have experienced the shackles of replacing the ceiling light bulb: stepping on the table, stepping on the chair, heading 90 degrees, raising his arms over the head to a height of 2. 5 meters or even higher. When choosing a luminaire, be sure to consider the convenience of replacing the lamp.

(4) The principle of energy conservation. Energy-saving light bulbs are more energy-efficient and illuminating, and they do not emit too much heat. They are suitable for multi-head lamps. Energy-saving bulbs are mostly standard screws, and chandeliers come in two sizes, one is standard and can use energy-saving bulbs; one is non-standard and cannot use energy-saving bulbs. Be careful when choosing: Spotlights are mostly non-energy-saving products.

(5), functional principles. In different rooms with different functions, different styles and illuminations should be installed. The living room should use bright and rich lamps; the bedroom should use glaring lamps that make people lie on the bed; the children's room should use colorful and varied lamps; the bathroom should use simple waterproof lamps; the kitchen should choose Lamps that are easy to wipe and clean; some places that require special performance can also choose spotlights.

Nowadays, there are many different styles of lighting. If you don’t understand some basic choices, you may not be able to choose the lamps that are both practical and suitable when you choose the products. Therefore, the basic principles of the above points are hoped for everyone. help.

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