Reasons for paint stripping of aluminum veneer products

【China Aluminum Industry Network】The reason for the paint stripping of aluminum veneer products is that everyone is familiar with stripping paints, and the appearance of stripping paints is particularly ugly and has a certain impact on use. Therefore, the order of aluminum veneer products At that time, we must choose qualified aluminum sheet products. The color of aluminum sheet products is very monotonous, but the characteristics of aluminum sheet products can be treated on the surface and sprayed to achieve what everyone wants after spraying. effect.

However, there are many aluminum veneer products that are not closed, and the phenomenon of peeling and dropping during use has a great effect on the decorative effect of buildings. Although aluminum veneer products do not cause rust, they still affect the use. Then, Why do some aluminum veneer products have such effects? There are some reasons for this.

First of all, there may be some manufacturers blindly pursuing efficiency and the requirements for spraying are too low, resulting in the surface dirt, chemicals, etc. are not clean, resulting in the paint film can not be well covered in the aluminum surface, so it will appear In this case, followed by the paint film coating, this is also one of the reasons that cause the paint film to fall off. Therefore, the spraying of the aluminum veneer product is very important and must not be sloppy.

The main reasons for the paint stripping of aluminum veneer products are that the paint film does not cover the surface of the aluminum veneer well due to various reasons. The second problem is that the spray paint technology is not in place, resulting in over-spraying or thinning. Both of these are paint stripping. The important reason, so in the choice of aluminum veneer manufacturers must choose the spraying effect is good, strong technology, we are Germany and the wind line, we have advanced equipment, and first-class technology will certainly provide you with satisfactory products.

Technical information
Heating Material: Carbon crystal
Power: 250W/350W/550W/750W/950W
Voltage: 115V- 220V
Certification: ETL, CE, ROHS, ISO9001, SAA
Frame material: Aluminum frame
Using life: 100, 000 hours
Infrared radiant wavelength: 8~14um
Electric heat radiation conversion rate: >99%F
Surface temperature: 70 - 80 celsius
Installation type: Wall or ceiling mounted
Color: White and colorful (with attractive picture)
Function: Adjustable Thermostat, Overheat Protection

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