Shanghai wood flooring what brand is good Shanghai wood floor renovation price how

Nowadays, under the wave of returning to nature, people are paying more and more attention to natural environment protection. Furniture supplies also require corresponding healthy and natural environmental protection. Wooden furniture has become a popular furniture. Wooden floors are also a role that can not be ignored. High requirements for purchase, warm and elegant, warmth, noise reduction, comfortable footwork, etc. These are the key considerations of consumers. Faced with the numerous floor brands on the market, consumers should choose how to choose from them. home life, here I'll take my friends to see how Shanghai wood floor price, good Shanghai flooring what brand?

Shanghai wood flooring what brand is good

With regard to what brand of Shanghai wood flooring is good, we browsed the major websites and integrated the views of netizens. We compiled the following three brands of Shanghai wood flooring with good sales for reference.

The first Shanghai wood floor

The first Shanghai wood flooring product name: double crown floor Longan

The first Shanghai wood flooring product price: 148 yuan / square (supermarket price: 200 yuan / square)

The first Shanghai wooden floor product specifications: 900×92×18mm

The first Shanghai wood flooring product features: corrosion resistance, resistance to ants, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, dry shrinkage, and excellent stability.

Second Shanghai wooden floor

The first Shanghai wood flooring product name: Anxin floor flap bean

The first Shanghai wood flooring product price: 249 yuan / square

The first Shanghai wood flooring product specifications: 909 × 95 × 18mm

The first Shanghai wood flooring product features: a glossy, a small aroma, texture staggered, uniform structure, corrosion resistance.


Shanghai wood flooring prices how

Under the trend of market economy, there are certain differences in the market economy in each region. It is often said that prices are determined by changes in the market, and the price of wood floors is determined by the market economy of each region. Shanghai is a region with rapid economic development. With high incomes and large expenditures, the prices in its area will also be higher than those of other cities. Even if it is a unified brand object, it will be influenced by the region in Shanghai. More than a few, under normal circumstances, the price of solid wood flooring in this area of ​​Shanghai is between one hundred two and two hundred and five hundred.

Here are some companies recommending Shanghai wood floor repair and recycling. Hope to bring convenience to your home life!

Shanghai Shier Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd., Shanghai Wood Flooring Repair At present, many home renovations choose solid wood flooring, and solid wood flooring has a higher price. Therefore, once the floor has a problem, it is really a headache. The most common thing is cracking the floor. Explosion lacquer, etc., the relevant experts pointed out that due to the nature of the solid wood floor is determined, once installed and used improperly, even if fully qualified products will have quality problems, so the maintenance of the floor is very important. A good helper floor maintenance as a floor care industry professional brand, rich experience in maintenance and repair, the use of professional technology for the maintenance of the floor, reasonable fees, courteous service, is the vast number of consumers the best choice for maintenance of wood flooring!


Shanghai Meihua Decoration Service Co., Ltd., specializes in maintenance of wood flooring, deformation, cracking, drumming, maintenance shrinkage, scratching, foaming, etc. All kinds of floor painting, waxing, maintenance, repair floor deformation processing, maintenance floor blistering , Floor paint stripping, Heating and drainage emergency drainage, (such as: floor tilt, deformation, cracking, paint stripping, dull, etc.) New and old floor dismantling, stadium maintenance, grinding, to undertake the installation of the room dismantling the wooden floor Maintenance Refurbishment Floors Dismantling Old and new Flooring Renovation Floors Polished Varnished Floors Soaked Water Treatment Floors Cracks Distortion Ringing Scratches Flooring Scratch Remove Paint Floor Care Floor Recycling.

Shanghai Starlight Co., Ltd. is responsible for maintenance of solid wood floors, maintenance of bamboo flooring, maintenance of composite flooring, grinding of old and new floors, disassembly and assembly of various floors, flooring, floor maintenance, repair of floor deformation, floor blistering, floor stripping, and flooring Waxing and disassembling, maintenance, floor deformation processing floor blisters treatment.

Because wood floors are cheap to refurbish, many Shanghai residents choose to maintain them. If you need professional repairs or find wood floor recycling, you can refer to the above recommendations.

Editor's summary: Wood flooring has become one of the popular choices for home improvement, which requires residents to do a good job in the maintenance of wood floors. Such refurbishment and maintenance measures, which are relatively inexpensive, are believed to be the first choice for many families who install wooden floors. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information, or go to this website to find more products that you like!

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