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Stop bearing view

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It is very important to check the bearing seals in order to keep the bearings in the best condition. The most favorable viewing time is to arrange the timing check period; the pre-existing plan and the Xinxuan bearing and the bearing drawings are usually helpful. For viewing assignments.
The importance of a clean shaft:
It is very important to adhere to the bearing and smooth cleanliness.
Before the inspection, the external appearance of the machine should be taken; then the parts around the bearing are removed. The oil seal is a very weak part; therefore, it must be taken care of; do not apply excessive force; then carefully look at the oil seal and its surrounding parts; if it has been presented When the performance is bad; it must be replaced; a bad oil seal will cause damage to the bearing and a strict equipment stop.
View the smoothing agent:
Apply a little smoothing agent to the conflict between the two fingers; if there is a contaminant, feel it; or apply a thin layer of smoothing agent on the back of the hand; then seal it.
Replace the smoothing agent:
The oil-smooth bearing is after the old oil is drained; if possible, refill the fresh oil and let the machine spin at low speed for a few minutes. Try to get the oil to collect the residual contaminants; then drain the oil; the oil is The best before filtering.
The grease smoother bearing used in the replacement of grease should prevent the cotton material from joining the joint to any part of the bearing; because these residual fibers can be wedged between the rolling elements and form damage; especially It is the use of small bearings that need to pay attention to this problem.
Cover the exposed bearings:
When looking at bearings, do not expose the bearings to contaminants or moisture. If the work is stopped, cover the machine with oil-paper plastic sheets or similar materials.
If the unshielded bearing is removed without being disassembled and can be viewed; remove it with a white spirit by applying a brush; then dry it with a lint-free cloth or blow it with compressed air. Dry (pay attention not to let the bearing assembly start to rotate).
Use a small mirror and a probe used by a similar dentist to view the track surface of the bearing, the holder and the beads. If the bearing is not damaged, it should be based on the smooth explanation provided by the original machine or on pages 204 to 247 of this book. The claim is fulfilled again.
It is not necessary to remove the bearing with the sealing cover or dustproof, only scrub the external appearance. If the bearing is damaged, it needs to be replaced. The replacement of the bearing during the timed protection period is far better than that due to the damage of the array. It’s more economical to lose it.

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