Summarize the malfunction of electric hoist

Hoisting electric hoists are widely used in loading and unloading sites: docks, workshops, and factories. With the continuous expansion of the application of hoist electric hoist, the simultaneous occurrence of failures has also increased. Lifting electric hoist fault increases, this will not only affect the construction progress, but also may cause serious safety accidents. Here Xiaobian summarizes the common faults when lifting electric hoist:

1. The control switch for lifting the electric hoist is not working properly, resulting in the device not working properly.

2. Abnormal noise, abnormal vibration, etc. occur during lifting of the electric hoist.

3. When the braking device is braked, the equipment stops and the movement distance exceeds the specified range.

4. The temperature of the lifting motor during the construction process is too high.

5. When the heavy object is hoisted into the air, the lifting device cannot stop or can not start again. Lifting weights are still unable to stop when they reach the limit.

6, hooks, wire rope, parts damage, reducer leakage, motor burn and so on.

For some of the above common failures, some can be achieved through our maintenance to reduce the failure rate. Relevant workers must strictly abide by safety regulations and do maintenance work to ensure the safe operation of hoisting electric hoists.

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