The furniture industry blows the e-commerce horn

Alibaba's successful listing has announced in the most direct way that e-commerce will become one of the areas in which the major industries will be involved in the future. Up to now, the development of the furniture industry has become increasingly mature, and its broad development prospects are obvious to all. However, as more and more furniture brands appear in the public eye, the current furniture market is increasingly competitive. In this context, furniture companies need to rely on the rapid development of the Internet to develop e-commerce.

The Internet industry furniture industry blows the e-commerce horn

With the rapid development of the Internet, China has entered the Internet age. More and more furniture companies have set foot on the road of e-commerce. The absorption of e-commerce by furniture companies helps to obtain comprehensive and timely business information and form a large market for circulation throughout the country. At the same time, furniture e-commerce has reduced a large number of merchant activities to a certain extent, making shopping a more convenient way of life and improving social efficiency. For furniture merchants, the emergence of e-commerce model not only reduces costs, but also makes the management system more efficient and easier to manage.

A battle between e-commerce and traditional sales channels

Although e-commerce has brought convenience to furniture companies, merchants and consumers, it has also attracted a lot of storms in the furniture industry. In order to compete for market share, traditional sales channels have not been able to compete with e-commerce. As an emerging marketing model, e-commerce will inevitably disrupt the original industry order when it is inserted into the market. The cross-temporal nature of e-commerce is destined to damage the interests of some of the store dealers. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the head to break the blood. In fact, the revolution must also bleed. Although there are too many bloodsheds in history, in the 21st century, blood can also be revolutionized. The furniture industry should look at the development of e-commerce, face up to its functions in sales, and treat the emergence of new models with the right attitude.

Online and offline help to achieve harmony between traditional sales channels and e-commerce

For the traditional furniture enterprises under the development of the Internet, the conflict between e-commerce and tradition is a difficult problem that must be solved. How to effectively promote the parallel development of e-commerce and traditional channels and achieve a harmonious and unified state requires the joint efforts of the furniture industry. For now, the online and offline O2O sales model is the most viable sales solution, using online dissemination and offline experience to direct online customers to furniture stores for physical sales. In addition, in order to avoid infringement of the interests of distributors in other regions, furniture e-commerce can also implement a geographical division strategy and vigorously develop online power in its own distribution area.

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