What are the Top Ten Bamboo Flooring Brands in China?

Before purchasing bamboo flooring, the first thing to do is to understand what bamboo flooring is and where it is produced. Only knowing the good and bad of bamboo flooring can help you easily choose a bamboo flooring that is suitable for your home. In fact, a rough look at bamboo flooring, the effect of laying and solid wood flooring are also somewhat similar, but the bamboo flooring decoration effects and material properties, etc., there are some differences. Each bamboo flooring brand and model has its own matching decoration style. In order to perfectly combine the two, understanding professional knowledge is the foundation. Today we are going to introduce you to the bamboo flooring brand rankings and hope to help you buy.

Bamboo flooring brand ranking NO.1 九木堂

Bamboo flooring is not a new product, but it was a floor product that was developed in the 1980s. It was not known at the time and it was never sold well. Nowadays, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, bamboo flooring has special environmental protection and health, so it has been favored by consumers so far. The nine brands of bamboo flooring introduced by Xiao Bian are the enterprises that specialize in the production of bamboo flooring brands. The bamboo flooring industry in China is known as the leader in the bamboo flooring industry and is now a well-known bamboo flooring brand. is well loved by consumers.

Bamboo flooring brand ranking NO.2 Chunhong

Bamboo flooring is the most unique floor product in the world today. It is also a flooring product produced locally by our country. The quantity sold to foreign countries each year accounts for about 80% of the export rate of the bamboo flooring industry, but in our country, there is no best-selling situation, so this leads to China. The merchants of the home floor began to focus on export sales. The bamboo flooring of the Chunhong brand introduced by Xiao Bian is one of the top ten brands of bamboo flooring in China and one of the best bamboo flooring products in China.

Bamboo flooring brand ranking NO.3 Zhu Tao

Bamboo flooring is the main material for home floor decoration. Its main advantage is its warm winter and cool summer. Because bamboo itself is a kind of cool plant, it grows under sunlight all year round, so the coefficient of heat conduction is very low, especially suitable for installation in the living room, bedroom, study room and other floors, but also decorated on the wall, and the color is pure and full, with Fresh home style is very beautiful, and the color is very small. The Bamboo flooring brand I introduced to Bamboo Tao, which produces bamboo flooring products, has such an advantage. Bamboo Bamboo is also one of the top ten brands of bamboo flooring. I don't know if you know it.

Bamboo flooring brand ranking NO.4 Xin Huachang

Xinhua Chang is also one of the top ten brands of bamboo flooring. It is also a manufacturer with leading production technology in the industry, and it also occupies a very large proportion in the bamboo flooring market in China. The wide range of product sales not only has its own physical store, but also its own service point of sale on the Internet, which greatly facilitates the purchase of consumers. In such a fiercely competitive environment, Xinhua Chang still can not change its character, proud to live in the top ten brands of bamboo flooring, showing its strength can not be underestimated.


Bamboo flooring brand ranking NO.5 Dazhuang

Bamboo is a natural product, so the resulting product has a very natural sense of beauty, and is also rich in the elasticity of bamboo itself, which can prevent mildew, odor, moisture and so on. The bamboo floor of the Dazhuang brand, which I introduced on the top ten brands of bamboo flooring, has such excellent performance. Dzhuang Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is located in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province. It is the most famous bamboo flooring business in Zhejiang Province and one of the standards-setting enterprises in the Chinese bamboo flooring industry. If you do not know which brand of bamboo flooring is good, you may wish to learn about the bamboo flooring of the Dazhuang brand, which is also very good.

Bamboo flooring brand ranking NO.6 Shanyou

Shanyou brand's bamboo flooring may not be famous in the minds of domestic consumers, but it can be regarded as an export leader in terms of export sales. Shanyou Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangxi Province. It is a professional manufacturer and sales company in the bamboo flooring industry. It integrates R&D and production. Shanyou's bamboo flooring is made of high-quality bamboo materials and is made with imported equipment. Technology, after years of accumulated technical experience, has been recognized by consumers at home and abroad. Shanyou is one of the top ten brands of bamboo flooring and is well-deserved.

Bamboo flooring brand ranking NO.7 Tong Gui

Although we don't know about the other top ten brands of bamboo flooring introduced by Xiao Bian, we all know the name of Tong Gui Bamboo Floor. Tonggui Bamboo Flooring is a high-quality product in the industry and a quality brand recognized by consumers. Bamboo is a precious gift that nature has given us. After years of continuous changes, bamboo has a rich cultural heritage and is a premium material for flooring products. We are impressed by the greatness of nature, and we also express our enthusiasm for the innovation of human science and technology.

Bamboo flooring brand ranking NO.8

The development of bamboo has a long history and lasts for thousands of years. It has precipitated a very unique material culture. Especially since the country has promoted the concept of environmental protection and health, the use of bamboo has been widely used in home decoration. Because the production cycle of bamboo is relatively short, it grows rapidly, and its ability to reproduce is very strong, so it is favored by major businesses, and it does not harm the environment at the same time. As the top ten brand of bamboo flooring, Yongyu, located in Zhejiang, is a national key high-tech enterprise. The bamboo flooring produced by the brand has a fresh and natural texture, and it has a very natural style.

Bamboo flooring brand ranking NO.9 Tongxing bamboo edge

In the purchase of bamboo flooring, we must first understand the environmental protection of bamboo flooring. The concept of environmental protection on the floor is the main source of today's environment. If the amount of formaldehyde contained in flooring products is too high, it can lead to damage to the human body. In severe cases, it may cause cancer. So no matter what kind of floor, before you buy it, you should first look at how the environmental performance. The bamboo strips introduced by Xiao Bian are the top ten brands in bamboo flooring. They are extremely environmentally friendly in the production of bamboo flooring and are the best choice for bamboo flooring brands.

Bamboo flooring brand ranking NO.10 Tengda Dingjiang

Tengda Dingjiang is one of the top ten brands of bamboo flooring. Its bamboo flooring products are very good both in terms of quality and after-sales service. When purchasing Tenda Dingjiang brand bamboo flooring, we must first look at the quality, look at the service, and then understand how the brand, and finally choose the price. According to this method, it can help you to purchase a high standard and high quality bamboo flooring products.


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