Which furniture company do you want to make?

On July 15, the industry heard that Liu Shaoxi, chairman of Yihua Wood Industry, was taken away to assist in the investigation. He worried that this matter was related to the case of the former Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee and Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wan Qingliang. The insiders also worried that they might be involved in other entrepreneurs. . Subsequently, Yihua Group issued a notice saying that in view of the rumors about the actual controller of Yihua Wood Industry, Mr. Liu Shaoxi, the company is checking the relevant matters.

In the face of media interviews, Yihua Wood said that Liu Shaoxi is currently working, but when the media made a face-to-face interview with Liu Shaoxi, he was rejected. The fact that there is no silver in this place has already come to the fore. The more real people are still asking: Liu Shaoxi, where have you been?

Honor and so on disappeared

In Shantou Chenghai, Guangzhou, there is a slogan: "Chenghai Sanmo died, Xuemin, Bixiao, Liu Shaoxi" means that the three people in the local area have the ability to pass the sky. The first two are "Salmon King" and one is the head of Nanyang Industry. The third, the furniture owner Liu Shaoxi.

At the young age, Liu Shaoxi often squats with his father to do farm work behind his father, and the ideal is also very simple - to build a beautiful building in the local area to ease the housing conditions of the family. But in the end, Liu Shaoxi’s dream changed. He used the borrowed 800 yuan to buy some wood to do the work of making furniture, and finally established the Yihua business empire. And his dream of building a beautiful building is no longer necessary, and his strength is enough to cover many high-rise buildings.

Looking at the unique development model of the furniture industry, Liu Shaoxi is unlikely to be involved in politics. However, the private entrepreneur who was born in this peasant has a special "party building" plot. He entered the party early in 1986 and was established in Shantou in 1993. The first private enterprise party branch. In 2012, Xi Jinping, who served as the vice president of the country as a 12-head business leader, visited the United States.

The story behind does not need to be repeated. In short, it is simple: the peasant-born furniture entrepreneur has become a capital crocodile, a shaded party, and suddenly disappeared in the summer of 2014.

The intersection of Lanxiang and furniture

"Oh is the real learning ability, don't play with the virtual, you learn the excavator and dig the ground well, you learn the chef to cook the dishes, you learn the tailor and do the clothes well. Let's Lan Xiang if not to learn the skills What is the difference between it and Tsinghua University?" Peking University and Tsinghua, who are home to the domestic boss, would not have thought that they would be satirized by the principal of a vocational and technical school. It is the president of Shandong Lanxiang, Rong Lanxiang. .

Despite the tens of thousands of younger brothers, Rong Lanxiang did not have the head of the principal and was more like a foreman, which was not related to his furniture career. Before the founding of Lan Xiang, Rong Xiangxiang, a farmer, was a sofa worker. He knew the set of operations for making a sofa. Sofa production is also a core course in the creation of skills training schools.

The focus of Rong Lanxiang’s words is not on the sarcasm of Peking University’s Tsinghua University, but on the significance of Lanxiang’s down-to-earth and Lanxiang: let students learn the skills. The simple life philosophy of “One Skill and One Body” is the way of survival that Rong Lanxiang always believes in. Rong Lanxiang, who did not turn the furniture to the end, still has the temperament of the furniture man.

Furniture people should make furniture

Many furniture owners have experience from furniture apprentices to corporate leaders. With Liu Shaoxi. Like Rong Lanxiang, Zheng Hongxin, the head of the Emperor's standard home, has also experienced the transformation of the furniture apprenticeship to the chairmanship. Unlike the previous two, which grew up as a capital giant to change jobs, Zheng Hongxin’s choice is actually: furniture people should make furniture in a down-to-earth manner.

In an interview with the media, Zheng Hongxin was able to tell the development planning and management experience of the company, but there were very few things outside the furniture. Please Huang Xiaoming endorsement, the development of the emperor's billion-dollar plan, Zheng Hongxin's actions are all around the furniture. Furniture people should make furniture, it is time to make furniture. Focusing on Zheng Hongxin is quite different from Liu Shaoxi of Nanbei Beibei and Rong Lanxiang who changed the line halfway.

Farmers should plant their land well, soldiers should protect their homeland, police should maintain law and order, drivers should drive a good car... These things that should be taken for granted, but not much. Unlike Liu Shaoxi’s sudden disappearance and Rong Lanxiang’s opening up, Zheng Hongxin’s furniture career is quiet and real.

Different from the identity of private enterprise entrepreneurs, the chiefs of state-owned furniture enterprises are mostly party members who play the special role of public officials. After the retirement, the person in charge of the enterprise can only enjoy the “basic pension”. The difference between the words and the amount of the pension is obviously different.

Beijing Tiantan Co., Ltd. is a typical Chinese character furniture company. It was founded in 1956: it has a history of nearly 60 years, and the main furniture companies in China are only about 20 years old. The owner of the Temple of Heaven furniture, Beijing Jinlu, the predecessor of the official Beijing Building Materials Industry Bureau, the business is not limited to furniture, but also involves real estate.

Private enterprise

At present, the largest number and the largest proportion are private enterprises. Most of the founders of such enterprises have gradually established their own furniture enterprises from the grassroots level and are at the helm of Xiaoxin. Although the industry changes and people come and go; such private enterprises have never wavered, and they always adhere to the simple "furniture people should do it." The view of furniture has finally become the mainstay of the industry.

Liu Shaoxi used to be a model for private enterprises. He started to build a furniture carrier from scratch. However, he did not find a correct direction when facing the temptation of the market, and eventually lost his way. As for Rong Lanxiang, he left the furniture industry and relied on the accumulated experience and technology of the furniture industry. Lan Xiang's layout, that is another story.

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